Harlem Shake – Every Appliance Part Edition

While roaming the never ending things online the other week, I stumbled upon the viral video craze of the “Harlem Shake” videos. When I first played it I thought to myself, “what did I just watch?” So I took another try and watched it again, its just a single person dancing alone to the Harlem Shake song and then as soon as the beat drops a whole group of people appear and they are all dancing. It was pretty funny to see some of these costumes people were wearing. Now I know you are thinking this blog doesn’t relate to anything appliance related today… but it does! Some of the marketing team at Every Appliance Part decided that they wanted to make their very own Harlem Shake video in the office. They had a lot of fun making it, and it was a good way to get the office together. So to all my readers check out our version of the Harlem Shake video and come back this week for some updates on appliance parts!


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