The Only Sponge You’ll Ever Need


This week I will be telling you about this amazing sponge that I recently purchased recently.  You may scoff, but believe me, this is no ordinary sponge. I usually hate using sponges because they quickly get grungy and begin to smell and even with gloves, I don’t want to touch them. But at work I saw that we sell these Sterling’s sponges that claim to be anti-bacterial and have a non-scratch scrubber surface. They come it two different colors of silver and gold, you can choose the color of your liking. So I thought, why not?  For only $1.59 even if I didn’t like them I could just throw it out.

On the packaging of the sponge it advertises all the surfaces you can clean with this sponge.   These surfaces include stainless steel, plastic ware, Teflon, golf clubs, windows, microwaves, kitchen cabinets, glass cook tops, pet dishes, wash the pets, tile floors, car windows, china dishes, guns, and shower doors.  That isn’t even everything that is listed! At first I thought… they just put those on there for marketing.  So I got home and saw the pile of dishes in the sink that I had been avoiding and decided it was the perfect time to try out the new sponge.  I cleaned every dish in the sink and it worked great on cleaning them… but so do other sponges.  After the dishes I decided to test what the packaging says and clean different surfaces. I started with the microwave and it cleaned it beautifully, and didn’t scratch the inside at all. Next, I opened up the other one, as I had bought two and cleaned the mirrors in the house. It didn’t scratch the glass at all and left them streak free! I was truly impressed after this- what other sponge was tough enough to clean stuck on food, but gentle enough not to scratch my mirrors?

I was still a little disbelieving of the anti-bacterial part, but after two weeks of using it there was NO SMELL and it didn’t feel gross like most sponges do.  I still throw it in the dishwasher to clean it once a month and it comes out looking just like it did when I first bought it.  I loved it so much I bought some for other members in my family and just as I expected, they fell in love with the sponge as well!  I will never go back to a regular sponge again. Why would I, when I have these miracle working sponges?


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